Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busted Shooting

Very interesting day Saturday.  My great plan was to go shoot the Celina hot air ballon festival on Saturday, November 5th with a good friend of mine Stephan Terrill.

I got up at 5am well before sunrise and headed off to pick up my friend and I was pumped as I had not been out shooting for a couple of weeks and I had never shot hot air balloons with anything other than my iPhone.  It was super cold for good old McKinney Texas in early November - 42F, but there was a great sunrise to make it worth while.

Now it was stand and wait time for the anticipated launch of the balloons.  Weather looked great except one little problem; it seemed a tad windy for hot air balloons but the wind did seem to be dropping so fingers were crossed.  The balloon trailers were all lined and looked ready to go.

After standing around and freezing for another 45 minutes the balloon pilot spokesman came over and declared there would be no launch due to the wind so we hung our heads and packed up our gear.  My partner in crime, Stephan, declared "Lets go shoot the barn" so oh yeh grab a Starbucks and lets go get the barn.  Not shooting the balloons was a big disappointment but at least we were going to push on the shutter and still have fun and the I am pretty happy with some of the results.  Also we did get the joy of having the property owner asking us what we were doing even though we were shooting from public property in the open.  We of course said heh we like your barn and just wanted to take pictures and our names are Alastair and Stephan.  Pretty sure she thought we were nuts but she drove away after that.

Ok the one below is not the barn but there are some very cool old signs in McKinney Texas and they are rapidly disappearing so we thought we would grab this one of Bill Smith's Cafe before it too went away.