Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh Oh - I Have To Do What

You know I love to shot anything almost with my camera - building, landscapes and sports maybe favorites, but I will try anything.

Well this weekend was a trip quite literally.  I went from shooting my daughter cheerleading at High School Football, to Volleyball, and on to the Homecoming Parade.  What was frightening though was I was at the parade to take pictures of my kid's teams and the organizer of the local High School weekly Program Guide came up to me and said the school contract photographer wasn't there and she needed some parade shots.  Hmm interesting wasn't going to be for money but I have never had that request before so I agreed.  Heh no one has ever asked to print one of my shots before except as a photo in a frame so in the interest of my kids and my ego they got the pictures.  I do agree free shots are not a habit I want to have anything to do with, but I do feel this was really work (more fun than work) for a charity setup.  Also I ended up with 4 out of 6 shots on the cover of the Football program guide for that week

What is interesting is with the three events I ended up shooting offer and require different photography dynamics and some common elements.

1) Cheerleading requires pretty high shutter speed to capture movement and given the game was at night low light requirements and then finally being in stands and after closeups obviously means a zoom or telephoto

2) Volleyball in a gym is low light and movement means a faster lens and therefore my 70-200mm f2.8 which in a gym is a bit crowded

3)  Last but not least was the casual shoot for the Homecoming Parade that turned into a command performance fot poor old, but lucky me as well.  Big downside was no monopod and only a 18-55mm kit lens in hand so that forced me to really think.  Some ok shots and a bunch of satisfaction

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