Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get A Real Strap

I am always very opinionated on products I use or would like to use so I thought it would be useful to share my thoughts on the Black Rapid RS-7 strap.  The net net of it is I really like this camera strap.  It is not perfect but pretty close to it.

I use Canon cameras and obviously had the base strap for the body but I quickly hated how the camera was either around my neck facing the front when I wanted to use it but then was either in the way when idle or the strap was over my shoulder to the side but was awkward and not convenient to swing up front for shooting.  The other issue was I did not want to hang the camera around my neck with the strap on the body with a large telephoto or zoom lens on the camera for fear of torquing the body.

With the Black Rapid RS-7 the strap is basically slung over your shoulder across your chest and hangs normally to the side when carrying.  When you want to shoot you pull up the camera to your eye and it slides on a swivel and metal guide loop up to you eye and when you put it down it goes back to the side.  With that motion it is really smooth, seamless and fast.  It also looks way cooler than the tourist around the neck Canon, Nikon etc straps.  The strap also has two bumpers to ensure the shoulder pad pulls back to the right place when you lower the camera or the camera stays behind your back when carrying.  Net net this is definitely a huge improvement over the included strap.

Now for the negatives and I only have one.  Changing the camera to a tripod is a pain as you have to remove the body or lens connector to screw back onto the tripod mount.  Back Rapid has a Manfrotto tripod plate adaptor but I am not lucky or wealthy enough to have that tripod so I am still trying to figure out a quick and easy solution there - the solution will likely be save pennies and buy Manfrotto, is my guess.

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