Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Improving Your Picture Adventure and Google+ Impacts

I am rapidly becoming a huge Topaz fan.  The latest plugin I have been having a great experience with is  Topaz InFocus and it has really made a difference on the first few shots I used it on.  When I was reviewing photos on Google+ I noticed the best ones always had superior sharpness so I figured I needed to see if something could work magic to de-fuzz HDR a bit.

I found out about Topaz InFocus from Stuck In Customs where Trey Ratcliff was very positive about it's merits, but for me I was plain excited and in fact immediately turned my trial into a paid for download.  Basically it is a sharpening product with a superior set of algorithms vs standard sharpening in Aperture Lightroom etc.  It does not improve every single shot as some come from the camera after a small amount of post as sharp as they will get but when items lend to slight blur - leaves on trees, letters on signs in the distance, small sharp edges (peeling paint etc), HDR processing etc the algorithms noticeably tighten and sharpen to the real Tack Sharp we want in many many causes.

It is highly recommended you use this product sparingly on slightly fuzzed portrait shots or you will trash the effect you had.

I am going to add more to this review with some pictures etc later today or tomorrow but I thought I will at least get my short write out ASAP so all can have a look.

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