Friday, September 2, 2011

A Little Inspiration

It's moments like this that got me motivated to try and really figure out my DSLR.  Trying to shoot sports with a point and shoot is useless more or less unless your close and it is bright light and they are playing chess.  They all have a sports mode but sure enough you get into a high speed low light moment and the flash is going off from 200 yards and the subject has already left the frame before the camera fires.  Of course still shots, family snaps etc point and shoots have come leaps and bounds and I do love to have one in the family but camera phones are getting closer all the time and especially when you have apps like Camera+ to trick them out - thanks Mostly Lisa and Tap Tap.

Now the flip side is leave a DSLR on full auto and I think is marginally worse than a point and shoot and that is what made me take the leap and try to become user of the DSLR - always wanted to be a photog.  Tons and fun later and finally I am starting to get it after 7 months and I end up with some ok shots.  Plus I can actually do a little something in post.  It is so fun to look back at the older images and cringe and I am sure I will continue to do that forever, but in another 5 or 8 years I may actually be good vs purely tolerable but I think the journey is the real thing.

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