Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Topaz B&W and Shooting In The Heat

Just maybe we might be done or very close to it. What I mean by that is the 100F Texas weather for 2011 might be finally behind us.  I love taking pictures, but taking most landscape shots in the middle of the day has harsh tough lighting.  When you do it in the middle of the Texas summer at noon the problem is magnified 10X worse - way to much sweat and 100X to much sunlight.

However here was the challenge.  I knew that I could not go at sunset or sunrise to shoot some straw bales that were all over the area around McKinney Texas before they got picked up - the sweat I could take but the light yuk.  I had to do something as the strawbales were way to inviting to not shoot.

Now let me say categorically that there is no substitution for awesome light.  However, I was able to get the shots wrt decent composition standards of at least for a hack like me and get the quality to at least pretty cool by two methods - Photomatix HDR processing and Topaz B&W Effects.  I would not rate myself as awesome but I am pretty happy with the results.

Photomatix 3 shot Bracket

Link to Topaz - coupon code for 15% discount "ABWPHOTOS": 

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